I'm a computer science student at the University of Pennsylvania with a curious mind and a love for learning and building.

Taiwanese by ethnicity, I grew up in Hong Kong before moving to London, where I studied at Imperial College School of Medicine and practised as a doctor afterwards.

Working in NHS hospitals exposed me to the impact technology can have, because in nearly every hospital I worked in, we had very little of it! Everyday I went to work imagining how much easier my life would be with xyz app. At the same time, I've always had a penchant for creating things ever since I was young. Whether it was playing with lego, cooking or making art, I love the satisfying feeling of seeing something built from start to finish. So it was during this time that I decided to try my hand at programming.

I wish I could say I instantly fell in love with it, because I didn't. If anything, it was pure frustration. But I stuck with it and it grew on me. After I figured out how to make simple web applications I was soon craving for more. New technologies, new languages; the world of software was opening before me and I was hungry to learn it all.

It wasn't long before I realised building software was where my heart was truly at. So in 2018, I hung up my stethoscope for good and devoted myself to learning the art of computer science full time.

This website is a way to track my progress. From the early days of FreeCodeCamp to where I'm at now, I will leave nothing unturned. Consider this my sketchbook if you will, to document my journey so far.

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